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Electrical Diagnostic & Troubleshooting

As vehicles become more technologically advanced so do the people who repair and service them. This is a growing trend among vehicle manufacturers that shows no sign of slowing driven by the consumers thirst for new features.
Electrical diagnostics and repair has always been one of our strongest areas. Reason being we have very qualified staff  who continually are educated and trained in this field. We, as a company, also invest in equipment that is required to help us make the proper diagnoses the first time. Ultimately this combination of skills and equipment  leads to a  faster resolution to the issues and a less expensive bill to the client. We are not in the business of installing various parts in the "hopes" that it solves the problem. 
What can you , the client do to help solve difficult, intermittant problems that occur with your vehicle? Well beleive it or not alot. A critical step in the process is trying to pin down when the problem occurs. Recording this information and relaying it to the service advisor is very important. You will be asked questions like:
1- How often does the problem occur?
2- Does it occur at low speeds, high speeds or when the vehicle is at an idle?
3- Does this problem occur after you have been driving for awhile and the engine temperature is warm or when you first start your vehicle and the engine temperature is cold?
4- Have you had this problem addressed before and if so what work was performed?
Answers to these questions and others helps the technician better understand the problem and the possible causes.

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