This section contains Notices of Hearings, Statements of Allegations, Orders, Decisions and other documents in relation to proceedings before the Commission.

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 Fundy Minerals Ltd.
    16 May 2005Decision and Order
    16 May 2005Temporary Order
 LaCroix, Vincent
    09 September 2005Order
    29 August 2005Temporary Order (Executive Director)
 Manor, Boaz
    16 May 2005Extension Order
    15 February 2005Order
 Manulife Securities International Ltd.
    15 February 2005Reasons for Decision
    15 February 2005Order and Settlement Agreement
 OptionsXpress Inc.
    31 August 2005Order and Settlement Agreement
 Portus Alternative Asset Management Inc.
    16 May 2005Extension Order
    15 February 2005Temporary Order
    15 February 2005Order
 Valentine, Mark Edward
    15 February 2005Order