Complaints about a company


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If you feel you have a valid complaint about the actions of a public company or a private company, contact the NBSC.

Private company
Private companies sell securities outside of stock exchanges. Most of the time these companies are start-up businesses and these securities have higher risk than other companies who have been in business for a long time.

You may have a complaint if a private company:

Public company
When companies go public, they are listed on a stock exchange and their shares can be publicly bought and sold. Companies that go public must file a prospectus with the NBSC (or with the regulator of the jurisdiction in which the company wants to raise money). A prospectus is a document that contains detailed information about the company, the investment and the risks associated with the investment.

Companies who are public also have obligations to file other reports with the NBSC. These documents are referred to as disclosure documents, and they contain information about business activities, financial position and performance of the company. This information is available to the shareholders, the regulators and the general public, and can be found on the SEDAR website at The list of companies that must file reports with the NBSC are listed in the Reporting Issuer List.

You may have a complaint if a public company or an insider of the company: