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17 February 2010
Investor Alert: Genius Funds

Saint John - Investors are being warned about a purported high yield investment fund website operator, Genius Funds, also known as Genius Investments. The New Brunswick Securities Commission (NBSC) advises that this Cyprus-based company is not registered to sell securities in this province.

There are no known New Brunswick investors, however if anyone in this province has been contacted by this company they should phone or email the NBSC; 1 866 933-2222 or information@nbsc-cvmnb.ca.  

This investor alert follows a temporary order issued by the British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC) on 12 February alleging that the company has breached various securities laws. BCSC alleges that Genius Funds is making misrepresentations to investors because it offers a rate of return that is impossible to earn consistently through legal means.

The B.C. investigation is on-going but their order temporarily prohibits Genius Funds from trading in any securities or engaging in any investor relations activities in the province. The BCSC news release is available online


As an independent provincial Crown corporation, the New Brunswick Securities Commission oversees the capital markets in New Brunswick and regulates those that sell or manage securities. The NBSC is funded by regulatory fees paid by those operating in the investment industry including public companies, mutual funds and over 7000 registered individuals and firms.

Media Contact:
Michelle Robichaud
Communications Officer
New Brunswick Securities Commission
Telephone: 506 643-7045 or 1 866 933-2222
Email: Michelle.Robichaud@nbsc-cvmnb.ca